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About TRM


Tristar Managed Care benefits claim administrators, employers, employees, and physicians.

Advantages for Claims Administrators

  • Reduces both medical and indemnity costs without compromising healthcare quality
  • Minimizes the number of days a case remains open
  • Medical case manager provides impartial and objective review of treatment plan
  • Early identification of "red flags" and complex cases with possible solutions
  • Ensure quality care with timely and cost effective treatment based on medical necessity
  • Improves communication to prevent adversarial relationships with providers and claimants
  • Integrated case management treatment plan with bill review system to ensure compliance with treatment plan recommendations.

Advantages for Employers

  • Program is focused on early return to work principles
  • Produces a reduction in both medical and indemnity costs
  • Reduces indirect costs such as loss of production,
    replacement costs, and training
  • Early, effective communication with the employee by the case manager will prevent miscommunication in regard to modified duty availability and job requirements
  • Reduces incidence of litigation
  • Limits the opportunity for psychosocial issues to arise by returning the employee back to work as soon as possible

Advantages for Employees

  • Assurance of prompt, quality, cost effective medical care
  • Employee education – employees are increasingly faced with treatment choices that may result in different outcomes, yet they often are not given accurate information about how a specific treatment may affect their lifestyle
  • Medical treatment aimed at returning the employee to his/her job
  • Elimination of unnecessary treatment

Advantages to the Treating Physician

  • Established referral procedure to obtain timely approval of proposed treatment
  • Effective follow through with timely utilization review of
    treatment requests
  • Partnership with the provider to ensure successful
    outcomes and achieve early return to work
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