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24/7 First Notice

TRISTAR works to provide the best possible solution to medical cost containment including providing an option of setting up a Toll Free 24/7 First Notice Triage option. This would allow for initial reporting of claims directly into TRISTAR’s specially–trained triage team where an assessment of the injury severity will be made and the provision of recommendations as to the best course of action. The service is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure necessary treatments are obtained right away. Prompt treatment guidance such as this provides for the avoidance of costly emergency room and clinical visits while providing timely direction as to the level of care needed. If off-site care is needed, a referral to the appropriate recommended provider is given. TRISTAR believes that Early Intervention Case Management is an effective tool to provide successful outcomes early in the case and ultimately direct the outcomes of the claim. The common goal is to achieve successful return to work, increase communication with the injured employee, avoid unnecessary treatments to decrease medical costs, disability and litigation costs.

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